SKIRMISH AT MCCRAE'S (December 15, 1813)

After the capture of Fort Detroit, prizes were awarded to those involved and many form the Kent Militia were included on this list. Thomas McCrea was awarded a cash prize which he used to build a beautiful brick  on the Thames River. Little did he know that more of a battle was to take place at this home he built with the prize money than at Fort Detroit itself...

Seven Kent Volunteers under Lieutenant John McGregor joined Lieutenant Medcalf's detachment of men. Before dawn, the men surprised a number of American troops stationed in Thomas McCrea's home on the Thames River. The men shot into the house, killing one man and injuring five others. The Americans surrendered shortly, and their weapons were distributed among the local militia. The U.S. troops were taken as British prisoners.

The local militia had been previously warned against taking action against the Americans occupying the area and for a length of time, most of the men in the area chose to stay home in fear that their farms would be ravaged if they disobeyed. The participation of the local men in this affair at McCrea's would not go unnoticed.
Gov. Gen. Lewis Cass was determined to have the properties of all those involved destroyed as punishment for taking up arms against the American invaders.

The following men suffered great losses as reprisal for their actions: William Coll, David Quick, Hector McDonald, Lauchlin McDougall, William Lightford, Angus McDougall, Daniel McPherson, and John MacDonald.