SKIRMISH AT THE FORKS  (October 4, 1813)

Tecumseh's warriors had been told that the British would stop and fight the Americans at the Forks of the Thames at Chatham. The British found it unsuitable for defensive operations and continued on to Fairfield. The warriors were outrage that the British planned to keep marching and accused Procter of cowardice. They did not want to continue the retreat which would move them farther away from the lands they were trying to regaining for their people.

A number of Tecumseh's warriors stayed at the Forks to make a stand. They destroyed part of the bridge over McGregor's Creek and hid in the shelter of the trees, waiting for the Americans. As the troops approached what was left of the bridge the warriors attacked, killing three Americans and wounding six others, a testament to their accuracy.

They could not stop the 3,000 troops and were forced to abandon the attack.

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